yashma gill youtube

Yashma Gill Started Her Own YouTube Channel

the multi-talented rising star Yashma Gill of the TV industry has recently launched her own YouTube channel.

Yashma Gill youtube Yashma Gill youtube

To introduce her channel to the audience, Yashma Gill uploaded a promo on YouTube showcasing all that she will be covering in her videos – from personal adventures and experiences to experiments, fan moments and her own everyday anecdotes.


Yashma Gill, while speaking about her channel quoted, “I had always thought about launching my own YouTube channel because I wanted to share my life stories, as well as struggles. The key motive is to provide fans with some creative content that can bring a smile to their faces.”


Known for her charismatic persona, Yashma Gill has made her mark in a short span of time. The powerhouse of talent possesses super hit dramas like GharTitliKa Par, Ab DekhKhuda Kya Karta Hai, Ki Jaana Main Kaun and a few more under her belt. Currently she is starring in PiyaNaamKa Diya that airs every day from Monday to Friday at 7 p.m.

check channel link http://bitly.com/2LP9MoZ