ushna shah air port security force

Ushna Shah shares her traumatizing experience with Pakistani Airport Security force

Pakistani actress, Ushna Shah have done different drama and films as well recently she took her social media to share a horrible experience at the airport. she had with local airport security force. While on her way out of the country to vacation in Canada, Italy, and Dubai, the actress had a rather unpleasant encounter with the airport female security staff.Ushna has created a social media storm for speaking out against the female airport security staff in Pakistan

She update her status  up a Facebook post which read, “Pakistan airport female security. Back of the hand frisking LEARN BACK OF THE HAND FRISKING you perverted lesbians!”


In the comments section, when people joked around about the incident and says lesbians ka bhi dil Hota hai she also added, “It’s not funny. Every damn flight at security checks I grit my teeth, hold my breath and close my eyes. It’s a harrowing traumatic experience and I am sick of it. And it only happens in Pakistan!”