Social Media Campaign to Boycott Fruits in Ramadan Why

In holy Ramadan Month, Fruits rates gone on peak position. Muslims around the world are observing the holy month of Ramadan. The month sends out a message of mutual affection and caring for each other. Also, The month preaches us to look out for the poor of the society who are deprived of basic human needs such as food. However, the message seems to get drowned out every year by the mafia that controls the prices of all food commodities in Pakistan.

But the Fruits retailers are selling fruits at very expensive rates where a poor person can not afford it. Fruits whole sellers are making a double profit by making high price of fruits in holy month Ramadan.

Let’s share what are the approved and actual rates of Fruits in Pakistan.

Approved and Actual Rates

According to the customers, some of the food items are being sold at following rates

  • Chickpeas (Kabuli Chana): High-quality being sold at Rs 220 per kg against the government’s approved rate of Rs 150 kg. Low-quality being sold at Rs 195 kg against the official rate of Rs 125 kg.
  • Bananas: The market rate at which it is sold stands at Rs 150 per dozen against government’s approved rate of Rs 11o per dozen.
  • Khajla: Per kilogram of Khajla costs Rs 240 in the market against government’s approved rate of Rs 200 per kg.
  • Samosa: Official low-quality Samosa’s rate stands at Rs 10-14, however, it is being sold at Rs 18-20.

The authorities arrested and fined several vendors from some areas of Karachi, however, it has failed to control the spiking prices. 7 fruit sellers were arrested and sent to jail for as many days along with a fine of Rs 175,000. In another raid, shopkeepers were fined Rs 16,000 for violating the official price list.

“Boycott Fruit”

To curb this mafia that makes the illicit profit during Ramzan, a campaign is catching fire on social media. Last year, This campaign successfully works! the fruit prices soared, as usual, however, the public stood up and stopped buying fruits to bring the prices down. The three-day campaign was successful as the vendors came to their senses and the fruit prices fell drastically.