Sindh Rangers Uniform

Sindh Rangers has now new uniforms

Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) officials deployed across the province, including Karachi, will be seen wearing a new uniform from Monday.The pattern of the uniform of the paramilitary force has been changed days after the change was authorized.

Sindh Rangers Uniform

The paramilitary force has released an image of the old and new uniforms to enable people to identify the personnel of Sindh Rangers.

The picture shows that in the old uniform, the rank of the Rangers personnel was displayed on their shoulders, however, in the new uniforms the rank is displayed on the chest, similar to that of the Pakistan Army personnel.

On April 15, Rangers had said in a statement that the pattern of uniform was being changed for all ranks deployed in Sindh province, including Karachi.

You can see below Pakistan Rangers Ranks Identification by Ranks

Pakistan Rangers ranks