Rabi PirZada Leaks Pics and Videos
Rabi PirZada Leaks Pics and Videos

Rabi Pirzadas Pics Videos Go Viral On Social Media Due to This

rabi pirzada leaked video

Rabi Pirzada Pakistani singer, who has a good audience on social media facebook and twitter, Yesterday her Personel Pics and Videos have gone viral over the internet, and this due to small negligence, let us share you how Rabi Pirzada pics and videos gone leaked.

Rabi Pirzada’s leaked dance video goes viral

Rabi Pirzada Pics and Videos Leaked due to her mobile which was got dead and she gave to repairing shop for its faulty problem,  Rabis Nude images and Videos were into that mobile phone, and the shop keeper recovers data and misuses it. After all, those pics went viral over the internet within a day, but that’s really bad thing happened.

She has reported to Cyber Crime Wing and also PTA to Block those pics and videos from Social Media and Internet.

Private Videos & Photos Of Rabi Pirzada Have Been Leaked Online & It’s Not Okay!

Everyone has privacy and no one has the rights to share any one’s personal data to the public. Rabi Pirzada definitely stays in the news, and that too for all the wrong reasons. In fact, for the past few days,

Rabi Pirzada has been making headlines one after another and now, considering her streak of making news, one wonders if the latest gimmick is part of the plan too, because seriously, nothing can be trusted these days.


But if this isn’t planned and is a leaked ‘private’ video of Rabi’s that has gone viral, the culprit needs to be reported and made to serve the due punishment for cyberbullying and harassment. However many people still want to see and asking for Rabi Pirzada leaked videos link, This really strange to see how people are begging for rabi pirzada nude pics and videos, Its is really unethical thing.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, at least two videos and a few photographs of the singer, Rabi Pirzada were leaked online. The videos that were most likely private, featured the starlet and contained sexually explicit content and nudity.

Rabi Pirzada Fights with Mehwish Hayat 


In the case of Rabi Pirzada – or any other individual in her position – the strongest forms of condemnation, including legal action, ought to be reserved for those who initiate such heinous uploads. However, those who make light of them and/or who readily pass them on to others cannot be absolved of all responsibility either.

You know there is something terribly wrong with a society when people feel no sense of responsibility, shame or remorse in spreading nude visuals of another person with the sole intention of humiliating and belittling her/him.

Consent forms the cornerstone of sexuality. And so, in the absence of explicit consent, the leaked videos in the case of Rabi Pirzada can only be termed a “crime.”

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