Rabi Pirzada Fights Mehwish Hayat

Rabi Pirzada Fights with Mehwish Hayat

Right now social media cold war is everywhere, everyone wants to win this battle including stars and showbiz celebrities, Rabi Pirzada a famous singer fights with Mehwish Hayat over not talk about Kashmir,  On Tv live interview, she talked about Mehwish Hayat controversial leaked video that she is not allowed to talk over Kashmir issue.

Mehwish Hayat is a Fake showbiz Star?

Rabi Pirzada Slams Mehwish Hayat on live tv channel that she criticized Mehwish Hayat over not talk on Kashmir issue and she more express she is aged old lady and still we respect you but you will not talk on Kashmir, Pakistani people give your respect and your not for it, Mehwish Hayat is fake celebrity, Rabi shares she is Kashmir daughter and she will fight who will not defend over Kashmir.


Mehwish Hayat videos are gone viral in that she clearly says she can not talk over Kashmir. After that, she tries to justify it but that videos sign was totally differnt you may see into the video.