PIA is Changing Aircraft Branding Highlighting Pakistan’s National Animal, Markhor

pakistan International Airlines (PIA) is said to be planning an ambitious revamp of its aircraft by displaying the country’s national animal Markhor on the exterior of the plane.

PIA spoke person share to media that PIA is planning to paint Markhoor on Air Craft tail and that markhoor logo will be painted on both side engines too. Although on the attached door with the cockpit with being painted with Pakistani Flag and next to that PIA will be painted and after that PIA words will be painted into Urdu that will cost but this for our mission to renovate air crafts on the integration of new Islamabad Airport. PIA Fleet contains 32 air crafts but he further shares those options are not finally decided yet.

PIA is considering multiple proposals to make these changes including replacing country’s flag on the tail of the aircraft with Markhor.As per news reports, the airline is considering changes in the look of its planes new branding by changing its logo and design to include a painting of the Markhor – a wild goat which inhabits the mountainous regions of Pakistan.


pia new design air crafts

PIA  is waiting for the inauguration of the new Islamabad International Airport on April 20th 2018 Saturday to use it as an occasion to unfold the revamped aircraft.


Why is Markhor being used in PIA Air crafts Branding?

I can say there are two reasons as per my perspective

1- Markhor is Pakistan’s national animal and markhoor animal is being more liked as its national animal of Pakistan  Markhoot hunt of Snakes which does attacks on a human.

Reason 2 – Pakistan Intelligence Agency ISI has Markhoor Logo.

Hopefully, PIA has something good for future. PIA has tweeted this news on social media to acknowledge the audience and get reviews.