Neelum Muneer Umm-e-Haniya GEO Entertainment

Neelam Muneer Drama Umm-e-Haniya based on Key Issues of Society


Neelam Muneer Drama Umm-e-Haniya


Umm-e-Haniya drama is story about real issues of socity where Neelam Muneer as romi adopted abandoned child



Umm-e-Haniya Drama Story
                                                             Umm-e-Haniya Drama Story


Umme Hania Drama on air by Geo entertainment channel and is story about a girl who is passionate about cricket and she choose cricket as career but her family do not like her passion and cricketer as girl career so her life walk about those issues but a twist of this story is one day she was coming back to home she saw a bag where a new born baby was crying. she take her along at home and  Neelam Muneer try to fine his parents to help his family. she make page on Facebook by the name of Gumshuda Farishty  facebook page and make his video to share on social media.  during that all his family claim on her that this baby is yours child and your are making us fool by doing all this because you live away from home around 8  months  and far.  so basically this story is about to give permission girls to make their dreams come true by hard working.