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Naveen Waqar, Ushna Shah & Ali Rehman wil be Seen together, Bewafa Drama Serial on ARY Digital


Bewafa Drama Serial is going to be on air on ARY Digital, Bewafa is produced by Big Bang Products which is Fahad Mustafa’s Production House. Bewafa Directed by Director Aabis Raza and story written by Radain Shah,  Fahad Mustafa’s Bigbang Entertainment is known for productions like Balaa, Cheekh, and Hassad. His next project is titled Bewafa.Fahad announces Bewafa, starring some of the biggest showbiz stars.

Bewafa cast

Naveen Waqar, Ali Rehman Khan, and Ushna Shah. Previously Ushna Shah has been part of most of Bigbang Entertainment biggest projects. From her role in Balaa to her cameo in Cheekh, Usnhna has done it all.

The serial titled, “Bewafa” has going to start on ARY Digital so we reached out the director himself to get some details on the project. The director while chatting about the project revealed that it will be his first time he is working with these three.

Fahad Mustafa announced the new project and cast in a tweet.

bewafa fahad mustafa tweet

Bewafa Plot & Story Details

Based on what Fahad shared, the serial features Ali Rehman Khan and Naveen Waqar as a married couple. Ushna Shah seems to be the other woman in their life.

Bewafa story as shared by the teaser of Bewafa its betray story about Ali Rehman khan as the husband of Naveen Waqar in this Bewafa drama story, being the husband of Naveen Waqar Ali hides his relationship with other women, Which Character is well played by Ushna Shah.

After many time Naveen comes on drama screen before that Naveen Waqar debuted as the other woman in Humsafar. Since then she’s been pegged as the antagonist in most serials like Mah-e-Tamaam. It’s nice to see the script sympathize with her for once. Director Aabis Raza was done best direction and the Radain Shah writer has an amazing script which will surely people love it. in the last drama which we saw of the duo was Khudparast so to have the same director and writer back again is pretty exciting as it means that the story will definitely be an intense one.