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Naimal Khawar Khan request fans to dont spread ‘false news about her

Naimal Khawar khan last week got married to Hamza Ali Abbasi, and after going viral Hamza and naimal weddings pics social media has got different types of news about them.

News of Anaa star Naimal Khawar Khan leaving acting was making rounds on social media a few days before her wedding. She tied the knot with actor turned activist Hamza Ali Abbasi on Sunday.

She also shared that she left Pakstan Showbiz nine months ago.



People criticized Abbasi for influencing his fiancée’s decision to leave acting. However, Khan clarified in a tweet that she left acting nine months ago and that the decision was entirely hers. “Don’t spread false news to sensationalize someone’s special day,” she wrote.

“While I understand that public figures are always subject to criticism even when it’s their personal choices, please don’t distort facts,” she added.

She went on to say that she is an adult and the narrative of someone “saving” her is demeaning her right to make her own decisions.