Mujhay Beta Chahiye Review

Mujhay Beta Chahiye – Episode 9

While Rubina Grieves, Salman and Jahanara Grow Closer

After the tragedy struck last week, Rubina and Salman take completely different paths in their lives. The story of Sadia Jabbar Productions’ Mujhay Beta Chahiye has stepped into the next phase where life as they know it is turning upside down for all the characters.

Rubina cannot help but grieve for her baby girl who has recently passed away due to her dad’s negligence, and visits her grave in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Salman and Jahanara take their relationship further than anyone had anticipated. Unbeknownst to them, Ramsha sees them together. After the deed is done, Jahanara plays the victim card and tries to make Salman feel guilty about it.

In the morning, Rubina finds both her daughters burning with high fever and once again, Salman leaves for office and refuses to play his part as the father. Needless to say, he is bewitched by Jahanara, and has lost all fatherly sentiments for his daughters.

The way Sabreen Hisbani has played the role of a devastated mother is commendable. Rubina’s pain and sorrow has been conveyed perfectly to the viewers. You cannot help but sympathise with her and feel her agony.


Similarly, Shahood Alvi has outdone himself with Salman’s character who is not only selfish and stubborn, but a new side of him can be seen in this episode, which is downright evil. Although he refused to accept his daughter as his own, the way he behaved after her death is inhumane. The credit must go to Shahood Alvi for his brilliant performance as it makes us furious and frustrated at how the desire for a male heir can entirely change a person.

Mujhay Beta Chahiye leaves us wanting for more every week and the storyline gets stronger with every passing episode.