STRINGS release the 4th track from their new album titled “30”


Mil Gaya Song by Strings Band

Celebrating 30 years in the music industry, Pakistan’s favorite and most iconic legendary band, STRINGS announces the release of the fourth track, ‘Mil Gaya’ from their album titled ‘30’. This album has been a huge milestone for STRINGS as it celebrates their journey in the music industry.

Staying true to their decades old sonic aesthetic, ‘Mil Gaya’ takes the listener through a melodious experience with the band’s soulful crooning and smooth guitar tones. The lyrics of the song beautifully pen the thoughts and longings of a lover. Directed by Kamal Khan and shot in Lyari, the video speaks to the viewer on another level. Its narration revolves around the journey of a misguided teenager who loses his way to the obscenities of society but is able to find a light that guides his way out of it. The video can be related to the youth of Pakistan, who long guidance out of their distractions onto a more constructive and productive path in life.


Written by Bilal Maqsood, Mil Gaya features band members Bilal Maqsood, Faisal Kapadia, Aahad Nayani, Adeel Ali, Haider Ali and Bradley D’Souza. The song has been mixed and mastered by M. Ishaq Nazir.


The video for Mil Gaya can be viewed on the official STRINGS YouTube page. In July 2018, STRINGS marked their return to the Pepsi Battle of the Bands platform after 16 years as judges where they will be guiding and mentoring the aspiring new bands. The duo debuted on the new season with an epic live performance where they performed a medley of Najane Kyun and Bichra Yaar.


Earlier this 2018, STRINGS announced the music album “30” in celebration of their three decades of definitive music with the release of the first song, Sajni which was followed by Urr Jaoon and Piya Re, to much acclaim.


The songs can be viewed here:

1st Track from “30”, Sajni:

2nd Track from “30”, Urr Jaoon:

3rd Track from “30”, Piya Re:


Two friends from who met in college have given Pakistan quality music since 30 years and are continuing to do so. STRINGS have managed to become personal favorites of people belonging to three different generations. Their ongoing album ‘30’ not only enchants listeners to great music but also takes everyone down memory lane reminiscing the first song by STRINGS that Pakistani Pop Music enthusiasts sang along to.



MIL GAYA – Strings


پرسوں بیٹھے بیٹھے

parson baiṭhe baiṭhe

The day before yesterday, just sitting there quietly

یونہی سو گیا تھا میں

yoonhi so gaya tha main

I drifted into sleep

جس کی یادوں میں تھا

jis ki yaadon men tha

I became lost in the memories of the person

اس میں کھو گیا تھا میں

us men kho gaya tha main

Who was always in my thoughts

پردہ جو ہلا دھیمی سی ہوا آئی

pardah jo hila dheemi si hawa aayi

When the curtain fluttered, a soft breeze blew in

اور کہتی تھی مجھے

aur kahti thi mujhe

The breeze was saying to me that

کسی اور کو بھی آج تیری یاد آئی

kisi aur ko bhi aaj teri yaad aayi

You too are in someone’s thoughts today


مل گیا

mil gaya

I have found the one

مل گیا

mil gaya

I have found the one

ڈھونڈتا تھا دل صبح شام

ḍhoonḍta tha dil subh shaam

Whom my heart used to seek from dawn till dusk

کھل گیا

khil gaya

Like a flower

کھل گیا

khil gaya

Like a flower

پھر سے تیرے لب پہ میرا نام

phir se tere lab pih mera naam

My name has blossomed on your lips once again


اک دن بیٹھے بیٹھے یونہی ہنس پڑا تھا میں

ik din baiṭhe baiṭhe yoonhi hans paṛa tha main

One day, just sitting there quietly, a smile came to my lips

یار مجھ پہ ہنستے

yaar mujh pih hanste

My friends were amused to see my state

ان پہ ہنس رہا تھا میں

un pih hans raha tha main

And I was amused that they could not fathom its cause

نہ جانے شور میں

nah jaane shor men

Amidst all this clamour

کیسی یہ چپ چھائی

kaisi yih chup chhaayi

I don’t know how a sudden silence fell

اور کہتی تھی مجھے

aur kahti thi mujhe

This silence was saying to me that

کسی اور کو بھی آج تیری یاد آئی

kisi aur ko bhi aaj teri yaad aayi

You too are in someone’s thoughts today




ساتھ مل کے، چل کے

saath mil ke chal ke

Walking together, hand in hand

یہ سلسلے بڑھتے جائیں

yih silsile baṛhte jaaen

The path shines ever more clearly before us

پائیں ہم منزلیں

paaen ham manzilen

Leading us to new destinations

جن پہ جا کے

jin pih ja ke

Where the story of our love

چھیڑیں نئی داستان

chheṛen nayi daastaan

Is remembered and renewed


Chorus (*2)


Translated by

Zahra Sabri