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Marvia Malik become first Transgender News Anchor in Pakistan

Marvia Malik News Anchor

Who is Marvia Malik?

Marvia Malik is destined to create history,  Marvia earlier made headlines for becoming the first-ever transgender to walk on the ramp at Pakistan Fashion week.Pakistan’s Marvia Malik created a path-breaking history as she became the first transgender newscaster of Pakistan. Her first appearance was aired on Saturday by the local channel ‘Kohinoor’ that has recruited her as the newscaster her passion made her success while struggling out.

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Marvia Malik, the first and only transgender news anchor in the country, said the difficulties faced by people like her in Pakistan are far from over.

“I am a journalism degree holder, but I faced the same difficulties [as] the transgender people who simply beg or dance in the streets,” Malik told VOA in a phone interview.

In a country such as Pakistan, it is common to mock transgender people, who are expected to earn their livelihood mainly by dancing, begging or working in the sex trade.In Pakistan’s Twittersphere and other social media platforms, people are praising Malik’s selection, calling it a step in the right direction.

Earlier this month, Pakistan’s Senate approved a bill for the protection of transgender rights. The bill asked the government to ensure employment opportunities and easy installment loans for transgender people.

According to the 2017 census, there are over 10,000 transgender people in Pakistan, a number some people say is much higher.

In the meantime, Marvia Malik is enjoying her instant fame.
“There is a lot of difference between the pre- and post-March 23 Marvia. It had to happen.The change had to come,” she said.

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Marvia Malik strongly feels the transgender community has not been supported despite several tall claims by authorities. “Pakistan has been independent for so long, yet we don’t have the same rights as any other individual in the country. Only claims have been made and promises of quota in government jobs, but nothing has come out of it.”