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Maan Jao Naa Film is in trouble

there was one thing which was particularly catchy in film Maan Jao Na’s trailer, it was the upbeat tunes like the famous ‘Bijli Bhari Hai Meray Ang Ang Mein’. But it turns out that despite having legal copyrights to the songs, the producers of the film received legal stay orders causing them to remove the songs.

Maan Jao Naa Songs Copy from Pakistan Old Movies?

In an interview with Dhanak Entertainment, On Premier of Movie Maan Jao Na  Executive Producer and writer of the film Asma Nabeel spoke about the matter at hand. “We wanted to revive old Pakistani songs in our film so we used the songs Bijli Bhari Hai Meray Ang Ang Mein’ and ‘Sweety,’ and according to copyright laws we paid for the rights for the songs to the authors and composers of the songs. However what happened was very unfortunate, EMI sent us a claim and we also sent them legal claims…What EMI did was they took a stay from the copyright judge.”

According to Asma, the case is baseless as  “We have taken the rights, we have paid the people,” the producer clarified. The writer has called for support from her peers, as well as a clarification on the matter, asking to reveal who has the legal rights to the songs, so they can be paid and the songs can be used in their film.