Juggun Kazim Health Tips

Juggun’s Healthy Ramadan Routine Fit for Summers

Ramadan is a month of self-reflection and the perfect time to look back on all the precious moments in your life. Extending from spiritual to physical aspects it is the month of making amends and striving for better.


Juggun Kazim, a multitalented individual has evolved as a household name for beauty, health and fitness, be it her real life or her YouTube channel, she practices what she preaches. Her healthy Ramadan routine surely will contribute towards health and vitality in the holy month. We took some notes from her routine.

Not letting the heat take its toll:

Juggun stresses that it’s important to sweat it out. The reluctance to work out during Ramadan is understandable. Of course, one is operating on very little energy from having virtually no food or water. But she presses upon the fact that it’s perfectly healthy to work out, in fact, exercising in a fasted state may actually promote good brain health and keep muscles biologically young.


Exercising during fasting is known to boost energy, making you feel fresh, alert, and full of life. Thus Juggun ideally works out pre iftar or if time constraints arise then before sehri. The key is to exercise 45-60 minutes a day. However, she suggests a workout break once a week.


Diet is 80% of one’s fitness. No amount of exercise can yield results if the diet is poor in nutrition. One of the biggest problems for Muslims each year is that during Ramadan, our bodies change very quickly. Some lose weight due to the lack of proper nutrition, others gain weight because they are breaking their fast with unhealthy food options. Thus maintaining a balanced diet, is key to controlling ones weight. Iftar should be kept light and healthy with fruits and lots of fluids. Juggun’s go to options include aloo chaana chaat, dahi baray , moreover she avoids white sugars, unhealthy carbs and fizzy drinks. Caffeine too is a big no for Juggun due to it’s dehydrating nature.

But foremost Juggun states that it’s equally important to understand what works best for you, as every individual is different. Moderation is the best way forward and hydration is the key in this scorching summer. Organic foods are her go to recommendation while occasional indulgence is part and parcel of life. Thus one must take inspiration Juggun’s routine and prioritize health while enjoying Ramadan and summers to the fullest.