Hum Tv YouTube Channel

Hum TV Youtube Official Channel Terminated / Suspended by YouTube Community Guideline Strick


Hum TV is one of the big tv channels in Pakistan Hum TV Youtube Channel had Suspended on 3rd March 2018 on 11 am by using multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted. Hum tv channel had received 3 copyright stricks which they ignore as taking youtube community guidelines. This is a very worst condition for a large channel who has a very qualified team and people working for the big channel.  This is the very common thing we cannot use other videos without Copyrights and this thing youtube understand very clearly.

Hum TV YouTube channel terminated


Hum TV channel had 2,046,620 Subscribers 12,836 Videos Uploads 1,666,972,676 Video Views of Hum tv Youtube Channel Its about 2 Million people had to join this channel and channel was stared in 25th may 2011.

Why Hum Tv Channel Suspended / Terminated


Hum Tv YouTube channel suspended

We should clearly understand the copyright material is on youtube terms and condition. Channel Terminated multiple third-party claims of copyright infringement regarding material the user posted.This channel was earning the very good amount of income through google ads Adsense.  This is a big loss, by the way, I suggest all youtuber they should be very careful with this because of 3 stricks you can lose your youtube channel forever. But the question is on 3 strick Hum TV Digital team had not counter check for this issue that is big mistake and we should be ready for when we are getting sticks from other person as Hum tv channel recved .