heer maan ja review

Heer Maan Ja Review: 5 Reasons Heer Maan Ja Is The Best Eid Release

Heer Maan Ja  Review the latest romantic comedy movie directed by Azfar Jafri under the banner of IRK Films and Arif Lakhani Films has just hit the cinemas all over Pakistan and it has already caused a storm! The movie’s genre may have seemed like it is yet another rom-com with a typical storyline, but Heer Maan Ja review turned out to be a phenomenal exception. Once you’ve started watching it, you would not want the movie to end.

heer maan ja review

Heer Maan Ja Cast

Ali Rehman Khan
Hareem Farooq
Faizan Shaikh
Abid Ali
Mojiz Hassan
Shamayale Khattak
Sami Khan
Shaz Ali Khan
Aamina Sheikh
Zara Sheikh
Mikaal Zulfiqar
Ahmed Ali Akbar
Ali Kazmi
Anjum Habbibi
Samina Nighat
Munazzah Arif
Saleem Mairaj

Here are 5 reasons why HeerMaan Ja is the best Eid release out of all, this season!

1.     The best on-screen couple has done it once again with Heer Maan Ja!

heer maan ja review

Hareem Farooq is an icon of beauty while Ali Rehman Khan is the definition of charisma; together these two are simply unstoppable. We loved them in Parchi and they made us fall in love with them once again in HeerMaan Ja. The chemistry they share in this particular movie is outstanding! Their effortless acting together and how they manage to complement each other makes every scene adorable. Again, I love how they both work together as a team instead of working as an individual.


2.     It gives you a chance to double up the joy on this festive occasion

heer maan ja review

In all honesty, Eid days are the happiest days with all the festivity around, but there are times when you feel like there should be something more for entertainment during these holidays, other than just the house parties. HeerMaan Ja lets you have that escape, and what’s all the more better is that it gives you those happy, cheerful vibes you want on this occasion.


3.     A movie worth watching with your family!

I loved the fact that HeerMaan Ja was designed keeping in mind that it is being released on Eid and will be watched by family members together in an attempt to squeeze in the maximum of family-time during these holidays. The movie is hilarious, it is a complete joy ride with a bunch of laughs, and an excellent storyline, and it also showcases the cutest father-daughter relationship you’ll see in any movie –it is something you can watch with all the members of your family without any worries about dirty humor or item numbers.

4.      The story, the suspense, the humor and the finale is spot on

As I said, rom-com genres are always misjudged to be the same old love story but HeerMaan Ja takes a totally different route. It is fast-paced and unique, and it doesn’t let you get bored for even a second. What was most notable is how every serious scene was followed by some kind of comedy or humor, making sure you don’t linger on to the gravity of the issue at hand and remain entertained throughout. The surprising entry of Aamina Sheikh will give you goosebumps. The suspense is definitely raised high to keep the interest level throughout the movie and the humor doesn’t miss a beat. HeerMaan Ja will keep your eyes glued to the screens till the very last scene.


5.     The music and the song numbers are phenomenal

If I was to describe the musical numbers in the movie, ‘refreshing’ would be the first adjective that comes to mind. The songs of the movie show variety and creativity. You have electrifying songs with energetic dance numbers and you have soft beats with a romantic touch to them as well. But no matter which one you hear, each song of the movie is so refreshing that you will find yourself playing them on repeat for days to come.

All in all, I loved every bit of the movie. The on-screen pairing of Hareem and Ali who were both amazing as a couple, the evil depiction of Wajdaan by Faizan Sheikh, the cuteness of Jerry, the comic value brought forth by Ramsey’s character – everything made each scene special. The movie is outstanding and the vibe it gives on this special occasion of Eidis worth every dime you invest in it.


Heer Maan Ja Songs


No. Title Lyrics Music Singer(s) Length
1. Heer Maan Ja – Title Track Sunny B Vee Music Herbie Sahara UK 3:30
2. Addi Maar Herbie Sahara Manj Musik Sahara UK, Nindy Kaur 3:50
3. Chan Mahi Abdullah Qureshi (Singer) Ahmed Ali, Aakash Pervaiz Abdullah Qureshi (Singer) 3:30
4. Kuch Tou Hua Hai Kashaaf Iqbal and Fatima Najeeb Ahmed Ali, Aakash Pervaiz Rameez Khalid, Aima Baig 4:12
Total length: 14:02