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Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Officially Married Now [Complete Shadi Story Pics]

Hamza Ali Abbasi to tie the knot with Naimal Khawar on Aug 25, 2019, Naimal Khawar is known as Naimal Hamza lolz, Yes is true as the story confirms from sources Hamza Ali Abbasi tie knot with Naimal Khawar, So Hamza Ali Abbasi officially married.  before its story starts from a drama project series as Hamza and Naimal Khawar work together and they have got time to chose each other. Naimal Khawar is a Pakistani drama actress has done lots of Drama serials. Hamza Ali abbasi age is right around 35 years old. And his age as compare to Naima Khawar very aged, Anyhow love is blind at all, just kidding. Niamal Khawar age is 25 years, Ten years age difference is noting important rather than understanding. Niamal Khawar’s drama is currently on air on Anaa Hum Tv.Naimal Khawar as Izza Khan character in Anna drama serial. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Khan are all set to tie the knot this weekend, in a small nikkah ceremony on Sunday dated 25 Aug 2019.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Biography Family Education and political Carrer.

Hamza Ali Abbasi is a Pakistani theatre, film and television actor and director. He is known for his roles as Afzal in the drama serial Pyarey Afzal, and as Salahuddin in the drama serial Mann Mayal. Abbasi began his acting career in 2006 in the play Dally in the Dark, which was produced by Shah Shahrahbeel. Hamza born in Multan city meanwhile his father was posted at Multan Cantt, so he started his early education from Cantt school, his father was serving Pakistan army right now he is retired on Major rank, after shifting to Islamabad capital city Hamza Ali did his master in IR International relations from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Hamza has passed his CSS exams and gone trough job in police service after that his passion towards movies and film making leave his job and he started his career into dramas and movies. however, in his family, his father name Major (Retd) Mazhar Ali Abbasi, belongs to abbasi tribe in Pakistan. Hamza Ali Abbasi mother Begum Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry had the very strong political worker of Pakistan Peoples Party, was a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from 2002 to 2013. His sister Fazeela Abbasi is also a well-known personality who was seen giving advice to people regarding their skin and anyone who was interested in any kind of surgery. Fazeela Abbasi is a Dermatologist who specializes in skin whitening and skincare fillers and botox. She runs a clinic in Islamabad Fazeela Abbasi also got married before 2 years.on with the passion of drama and films, Hamza was also being influenced into a political party which was started with Pakistan Peoples Party as earlier mention his mother was elected MNA from southern Punjab on PPP, But Hamza started bashing Nawaz Sharif Ex. PM of Pakistan and PMLN govt, as per as Hamza has adopted his self into PTI, Gain huge popularity on criticizing Govts VIP Protocols also give coverage to PTI Jalsa and Supporting Dharna system of PTI make more poplars in Policatal carrier. Although it was very good for him as an influencer that was not good as concern for Pakistan Developments as he hired by BOL TV for bashing to PMLN Govt which was not appreciated as much as BOL tv invested financed in it. Right now hamza is had a more political profile as his showbiz influence.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Officially Announce the News of his Wedding with Naimal Khawar

His wife Naimal Khawar is an actress in Pakistan drams industries. As per media reports Naimal Khawar had crashed over Ahad Raza Mir, But unfortunately Ahad recently Nikkahfied with Sajal aly, so Ahad chapter went close and hamza comes on screen.

Hamza Announce his marriage news on facebook status


I planned to say this after 25th but since the news is already out so here i go. Yes, i am deliberately using this public attention to Me & Naimal getting married to put a message across. I say these words with the sole intention that anyone who is going thru the same turmoil & making the same efforts as me might take encouragement & get reassurance. When you realize that its not fairytales & it is TRUTH that you have a Rabb & you will stand accountable infront of him after you die, it changes you. Your first priority becomes fixing yourself rather than changing the world. You look at your life and realise that many things you do that give you pleasure are the same things which cause displeasure to your Lord. You try to fix them but your efforts are not perfect, you often fail miserably, you fall down but then you keep at it. You beg Allah for help & no matter how many times you fail you promise Allah that you will rather die trying and failing but you will never give up in your pursuit to do what pleases him and avoid what displeases him. Then one day, in one specific aspect of your life, Allah gets satisfied with the sincerity of heart & accepts your extremely flawed efforts for him and then HE TAKES OVER! He rewards you & opens your heart towards things that were unthinkable for you before. Some people get married for themselves because either they fall in love or because their lonely or maybe because of family or to have kids, these are also good reasons, but believe me when your sole reason is to please Allah then Allah makes a man like me, who could never sustain anything emotional with the opposite gender, could never comprehend the idea of marriage in his head, Allah makes that man go upto his very platonic friend for 2 yrs Naimal and tell her that he doesnt want a relationship (that GF/BF non sense) neither is he claiming to be in love with her but he wants to marry her with the intention of strengthening his very turbulent efforts to walk a path which pleases Allah and to my surprise she agrees not just to marry me but also expresses her joy in walking this path with me & now we cant even breathe without eachother. Such are the rewards of Allah never to be taken for granted and one must always be grateful for if you are ungrateful, that same reward will become a trial. So if you too are trying to please Allah by fixing some aspects of your life like controlling your desires, fixing your Akhlaaq or trying to be regular at your prayers or give more charity, DO NOT GIVE UP! Keep taking your small and often flawed steps towards Allah, unlike people Allah does not expect perfection in your efforts, he only wants sincerity & consistency no matter how many times you fail. But remember, sincerity demands that your efforts are solely to please Allah and not just for the expectation of a worldly reward. Be grateful no matter what comes from him because this life is short & for those who believe in standing answerable to your Lord, death is approaching fast & all the joys & sorrows of this world will soon become irrelevant and what will only count are your efforts to make your creator pleased with you. So yes Me & Naimal are having our small Nikkah on 25th & a small Walima on 26th and then looking forward to a lifetime together in making efforts to please Allah together. Pray for us. Thankyou.

Hamza recently updated the status on his page on facebook,

I want to again shamelessly use this attention to my marriage to again highlight a point ONLY for those who can relate & are interested. If U dont like my long paragraphs & wht i say & hate me for bringing RELIGION into everything then STOP reading now, move on to other stuff, no compulsion.

Platonic Relationship Means “Love or Affection in a bond without any sexual element in it*
Barray dhakkay khaa i realised the right way to find LOVE as there are mainly 2 ways we go about to find love.

Popular Gora Culture: As soon as U hit ur late teens, start GOING OUT with ppl, have a series of emotional attachments & heartbreaks, do everything Haraam in them & if ur lucky u.ll find THE ONE soon before ur emotionally & physically a wreck & then do the paperwork just to make it legal.

Allah’s way: First, give up everything Haraam for Allah, not for a girl/boy… Not for the love of another human being but give up Haraam only for Allah. Then if u feel something for someone in ur heart, get to know tht person in a very “Platonic” way, go out with them, have beautiful walks, coffees, watch a film or 2 in the cinema but U keep it all Halal for Allah’s sake. Then If U feel u want to be with her, u dont ask her out & want her to be ur GF and keep it hush hush, NO! U show enough courage, commitment and respect towards her that U want to take responsibility infront of the world and ask her for Nikkah. In essence, Allah’s way is that while u get to know someone U do not give in emotionally or physically unless U r in Nikkah.

After a lot of turmoil, hardship & suffering i realised that no matter what, the way Allah has prescribed has more peace, more integrity/respect & no real sense of emotional/physical loss or disrespect even if u get to know someone & later realise thts not THE ONE. I write this for all those who might get reassurance & whose hearts are still alive & guiding them towards Allah’s way but the popular culture keeps telling them the opposite. For all others, i told you tht you dont have to read it haha…. ♥


Well that’s his own remarks, We wish him, Shadi Mubarak, ho, or Allah ap ke ki zinadi may Khushyan or Asaniya Peda kary Ameen

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Nikkah Pics

Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Nikkah Pics Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Nikkah Pics Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Nikkah Pics Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Nikkah Pics Hamza Ali Abbasi and Naimal Khawar Nikkah Pics