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Faisal Movers Announces Islamabad to Naran-Hunza Route with Cheap Travel Deals

I heard about faisal movers fares this travel fare on Facebook that was seems interesting because Faisal movers is right completely  beat Daewoo Pakistan Bus Service which has right now highest fare rates and with old buses.  Pakistan has natural places makes tourism industry on boom which is still neglecting by government of Pakistan. Any how Faisal mover has try to cover this dream of many people who were not are of travel route for Northern Area Naran Hunza Bus Route. The management of Faisal Movers has decided to launch a bus service from Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Naran, Babusar, Gilgit, and Hunza in a bid to boost tourism in the country.

Faisal Movers Pakistan – Bus Timings, Ticket Prices & Contact

Faisal Movers Announces Islamabad to Naran-Hunza Route Cheap Travel Deals 1

A similar service also operates from Lahore to these areas.

Faisal Movers is a reputable bus service in Pakistan and the new routes will help the locals, as well as the foreigners, travel to the northern areas of the country with ease and comfort.

The route from Islamabad to Kaghan, Naran, Babusar, Chilas, Gilgit and up to Hunza is particularly famous among the tourists for the scenic landscapes. With snow-clad mountains and icy-water blue lakes on the way, the route offers breathtaking scenes.

Faisal movers schedule & Business class fare

faisal movers booking fares details, the executive class service will be offered on these routes. The fares are listed below:

  • Islamabad to Hunza – Rs 3500
  • Islamabad to Gilgit – Rs 3000
  • Islamabad to Babusar – Rs 2590
  • Islamabad to Naran – Rs 1790

In response to a question regarding the bus timings, the official Facebook account for Faisal Movers replied that the bus will depart from Islamabad at 1 am.

From Lahore, Faisal Movers, offers executive plus service with the following fares:

  • Lahore to Hunza
    • Executive – Rs 4670
    • Business – Rs 5100
  • Lahore to Gilgit
    • Executive – Rs 4170
    • Business – Rs 4600
  • Lahore to Babusar
    • Executive – Rs 3760
    • Business – Rs 4190
  • Lahore to Naran
    • Executive –  Rs 2960
    • Business – Rs 3390

Other fares for Faisal Movers are listed below:


Faisal Movers Announces Islamabad to Naran-Hunza Route Cheap Travel Deals 2

  • Rawalpindi/Islamabad to Tashkurgan (China) One Way Fare – Rs 13,850
  • Rawalpindi/Islamabad to Tashkurgan (China) Return Fare – Rs 27,700
  • Multan to Hunza, Executive Class – Rs 4950

Earlier, NATCO Bus Service and Bilal Travels had also started its new route to China.

Faisal movers booking number

faisal movers online booking  and more information details, you can call Faisal Movers’ UAN number 111224488.

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