ehd e wafa episode 2 Review

Ehd e Wafa Episode 2 Review Gossips and Love

Start from Ehd e Wafa Episode 2 Reviews,  We previously shared Episode 1 Review as well.Lots of people were expecting that drama will be more entertaining but as per first episode of Ehd e Wafa storyline, still story going very slowly Ehd e Wafa episode 2 is still into introductory stage, But yes in episode 2 we see some thing different, you what is that that were the cast of Ehd e Wafa (SSG) boys, They were not enough to be college students into class, means 32 years guy in 12 grade class looks so cheap, Well this is my angle views you can images below,

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Even Lawrence College,  Murree is well disciplined college but those four boys are enough to do any things means they get out from college on mid nights try to do Poondi (Stalking and Watching Girls) .

17 Saal k Teenagers ke class mai 32 saal k larky kasy a gaye ???

In Ehd Wafa epside 2, You can show any thing what ever you want man, Seriously But i guess it can only when maturty level is up and mind should be mature too, Any how its drama it can be any thing.

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Ehd e Wafa Episode 2 Review Gossips and Love 3

Shahzain (Usman Khalid Butt) and Saad ( Ahad Raza Mir) Dress and Hair cutt was not looklike any decent Cadet College Students, Either its mishape of none of any ISPR repersentatives taken any serious attemp on those two boys hair styles (No Fouji Cutt) might be director has just got project no interest or no experce over military life style. And Yes , Sheharyar (Ahmed Ali Akber), Shariq (Wahaj Ali ) looks graceful students who were fallinto military college Students,


Ehd e wafa episode 2 - Zara Noor Abbas

On other side Rani (Zara Noor Abbas) give some smiling moments by give fake hope to her mother to pass in exam and Dua (Alezeh Shah) who is preety storng charactor in Ehd e Wafa drama, She spend holidays in Nathiya gali on his uncles home, In episode 2 , She came out to buy birthday cake and she interact with Saad who just fall in love with her, and he follow her car to reach his house with Shahzain. now Shahzain try to find out Her name to help Saad for his love story.

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I hope so Episode 3 will make some new click and story should be change now because 1 hour time frame they should show some next story. hope you love this and keep watching  Ehd e Wafa review.


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