ehd e wafa drama story episode 1
ehd e wafa drama story episode 1

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Ehd e Wafa Episode 1 Review

Ehd e Wafa Story is about friendship love and sacrifices for the country, Ehde e Wafa drama cast including  Osman Khalid Butt as Shahzain  , Ahad Raza Mir as Saad , Ahmed Ali Akber as Sheharyar , Wahaj Ali as Shariq , Alizeh Shah as Dua, Zara Noor Abbas as Raani, Hajra Yamin, Vaneeza Ahmed, Faraz Yahya, Drama Ehd e Wafa story was written by  MustafaAfridi  and drama Ehd e Wafa director Saife Hasan and ISPR Productions, Drama produced by MDProductions (Momina Duraid ) by Hum tv. Ehd e wafa ispr and hum tv production.Ehd e wafa by mustafa afridi 


ehd e wafa story

Ehd e Wafa Story Review

Let’s talk about story its story of four friends, who loves to serve Pakistan being part of Pakistan Army, Ehd e Wafa storyline they have motives to do something for their country, but here it’s luckily talking about Pakistan, a beautiful country Pakistan born brave soldiers and they lead the world. now again if you were born in the 70s and 80’s you remember Alpha bravo Charli Story, You will some glimpse of Alpha Bravo Charli in Ehd e Wafa Story, But now it’s 2019 so today we have digital media and fast ara Ehd e Wafa story will slightly more interesting and more digitalized. Ehd e wafa drama timing 8pm Sunday on Hum tv.

ehd e wafa drama review

In Ehd e Wafa Drama You will See Army  Lawrence College Murree Cadet College LifeStyle


We saw drama is starts and trailers show the four friends who were studying in cadet college before joining the Pakistan army, they spend good time with each other and enjoy their college life in Lawrence college Murree, the drama starts with college life of four friends  who are studying in Lawrence college Murree cadet college which is most probably army cadet college Murree,  I just guess about it, before joining the army as commission officer. One more thing those four friends apply for Pakistan Army and all the story happen in PMA ( PAKISTAN MILITARY ACADEMY )  KAKUL Abbottabad, a beautiful city of pines and hills. luckily Abbottabad has four regiments Crops, AMC (Army Medical Corps), Baloch Regiment and FF Regiment and Services. You can call Abbottabad is the city of Pakistan Army where Generals of Pakistan Army being made in PMA (Pakistan Military Academy)  Kakul Abbottabad.


Brigadier Faraz Ehd e wafa

Captain Faraz is now Brigadier Faraz 🙂

Yes, the 2nd lead hero of Alpha Bravo Charli is again part of Ehd e Wafa drama serial, You will see capt Faraz again being father of Ahad Raza Ali means Cadet Saad Father who is serving as Brigadier Faraz in Pakistan Army, and he wants to his son join Pakistan Army to serve Pakistan as army officer.


ssg group ehd e wafa

Term “SSG” Is Special Service Group is use in Pakistan Army Not Fun Boys Club

When I saw trailer its give feelings that those all become part special service group which is also known as Commando group in Pakistan army, anyhow it was the name of those four friends group. another side where dua is a confident girl and she is a Medical college student who will be heroin for Ahad Ali Raza as Saad and Rani she is careless and naughty girl character performed by Zara Noor Abbas and she will be heroin for Osman Khalid Butt as Shahzain. 


Ehd e Wafa episode 1 was a brief introduction of characters and first look of the story now will see what will be happened next on Ehd e Wafa episode 2, Hopefully, Ehd e Wafa episode 2 will make some interesting twist for audience. stay tune to rest of story will update in this section  keep visiting









Ehd-e-Wafa starting from 22nd September, Sunday at 8:00 PM on #HUMTV