Daasi Drama: Mawra Hocane and Adeel Hussain will be seen together in Serial will be on air at HUM TV

Daasi  Drama is a story of a bubbly girl and a young business tycoon, struggling for peace in their lives.

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Apne ilawa koi nahi dikhta isay..woh haseen hai..sab se haseen!Presenting #MawraHocane as Sunehri in an unconventional tale of love #Daasi 💕✨Coming Soon on #HUMTV

Posted by Daasi on Sunday, August 25, 2019


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Mawra Hocane was last seen and was much praised for her performance as Aliya in drama serial Aangan, since than her fans have been highly anticipating to see her next. The wait is over for her fans as she will be seen playing a power pack role in drama serial Daasi opposite the dashing Adeel Hussain, who as well returns to the screen with this much awaited drama serial.

daasi drama adeel hussain and mawra hocane

Mawra’s character in Daasi is called Sunehri, that may be because she is set to play a colorful bubbly role than its spot on, well suiting her character name drama serial daasi wil be on air on hum tv.

As per sources, the shoot of drama serial Daasi has been completed and it is expected to go on air on September 2019 at hum tv. Mohsin Talat is directing the drama serial and Misbah Nausheen writer has penned the script who had also written the script for Ishq Tamasha. Dassi release date is not shared yet but daasi drama is going to be released on next month hopefully on hum tv.

Speaking to us Misbah Nausheen stated “Mawra Hocane will be playing the role of Sunheri in this drama, a girl who is full of passion and is full of adventure, her character is very jolly however she is from the lower class, her mother works for a boutique where she’s a tailor however these unstable financial conditions do not affect Sunheri and her mom.”

After wrapping up Aangan, Mawra Hocane has chosen her next play.

Hocane and Adeel Hussain are teaming up for the first time for a Hum TV drama; the actors will appear in Daasi as the main leads, teasers for which are out now.

Talking to Images, writer Misbah Nausheen shared, “The story features Mawra playing a dynamic character named Sunehri. She lives in a small neighborhood community with her mother, who is a single parent and works at a boutique as a seamstress. She’s extremely caring and strong-willed and is described as daring; if someone dares raise a finger at her, she has the capability to break their finger and chooses to fight fire with fire.”Sunehri also has a friend named Aliya, played by Faryal Mehmood, who is just as strong-willed as her.

“The drama depicts a small middle-class society and the ins and outs of their everyday life, celebrations, and relations within the community. It portrays a well-connected, tight-knit community that share their sorrows and joys just as much as they share their materialistic possessions,” added Nausheen.

Talking about  Aahil Salahuddin (Adeel Hussain) role she said “Adeel will be playing the role of Aahil Salahuddin who is a boy from an elite class family however he’s the neglected kid in his family, later in the drama Aahil goes through a tragedy as he loses his father and that is the time Aahil decides to live all alone and moves to a society where he moves in Sunheri’s house.”

Misbah further added on “this drama is my dream project as I always wanted to pen a script where the characters have no regrets about here living conditions or financial stability, Sunheri is one of them because her main goal is to keep her mother happy by giving her the life she wants.”

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