aisha khan and mojor uqbah marriage

Aisha Khan Finally Set to Tie Knot with Major Uqbah Hadeed Malik

Ayesha khan last month post-Instagram she is lifting showbiz but there was a reason behind that now this is disclosed as we predict it earlier in our post  Why Aisha khan Left showbiz industry  

Aisha Khan Married With Major Uqbah Malik Check Weddings Pics 

So is this why Aisha Khan is leaving the industry? Maybe, maybe not. But one thing’s for sure, she is very happy. And we wish her well! Were you also looking Ayesha khan husband name want to know about Ayesha khan husband biography and wedding dates? Aisha Khan Rao and Mojor Uqbah


Ayesha Khan is becoming Mrs. Malik

Ayesha Khan is getting married in next month Ayesha shares on her Instagram post that she knows Major Uqbah hadeed malik from last year and we get engaged last year that’s why she has Instagram about she is lifting showbiz industry.

Aisha Khan Shares in the Instagram post, “I had made my announcement to leave my media career as I now prefer to stay away from the limelight. We got engaged last year and have known each other for several years before.”

She added, “We would request privacy from here on and expect everybody to respect our decision of keeping our wedding a small family affair.”


Aisha Khan Shadi Card

Here we see the Aisha Khan wedding with Major Uqbah.  Mrs. Asama Hadeed & Brigadier Hadeed Anwer Malik.  Aisha Khan marriage will be in Rawalpindi and 15th  April 2018 Nikkah Date at Rubaish Marquee Hall, Garden City Bahria Town, Rawalpindi and walima date is not decided yet.

The thing which makes unique they have the dress code in her Marriage Ceremony. Friends of Major Uqbah will come in Army Uniform and rest of other will be in Mess Kit Dress.


Who is Major Uqbah Malik BioGraphy

Major Uqbah Hadeed Malik Biography Age,Family,Wikipedia, Address,  Wiki, Age, Biography, Net worth, Wife, Girlfriend, Height, Weight, Birthday, Education, Marriage date, Kids, Father, Mother, Sister, Siblings and Family: Major Uqbah Hadeed Malik (born on 24th of December, 1981) is a Pakistani Army officer.

major uqbah Hadid

Major Uqbah Malik fiance of Aisha Khan belongs to Pakistan army and he is the first Pakistani officer who has the pride to serve as Instructor in  Royal Military Academy Sandhurst UK he is also first Muslim instructor in UK Military Academy Sandhurst. Major Uqbah Hadid is the son of Aviator Brigadier Hadid Malik and he is also from Pakistan Army.


We wish them the happy life and joyful life ahead in future Ameen!


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