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Actress Meera Marriage Case: Actress Meera is Attiq ur Rehman’s wife, Court solve this case after 9 years

Actress Meera Marriage case: Meera real name is Irtaza Rubab she lives in Lahore now she shifted to the USA. but the story was gone viral in social media when Meera’s controversial video comes up on youtube which had some sexual / Nude content Meera beds with Captain Naveed and she shared in media that she has married with Captain Naveed  Pervaiz. Meera first husband Attiqur Rehman file case against Meera and today’s its got final result from Lahore family court.


Mmeera and captain naveed 2nd husand
                      Meera and captain Naveed 2nd husband


 A family court in Lahore on Monday 28 may 2018 ruled that actor Meera is the wife of Attiqur Rehman.

Announcing the judgment in a marriage suit which had been filed 9 years ago by the film actress, Family Judge Babar Nadeem dismissed Meera’s petition that her nikkah to Attiqur Rehman was forged.

“The nikkahnama is not false,” the judge said while reading out an 18-page written verdict on Meera’s petition against ‘jactitation of marriage’.

The court verdict pointed out that a nikkahkhwan confirmed Meera’s nikkah to Rehman.

In July 2009, Meera had requested a family court to restrain Rehman from calling her his wife. In her petition, she had told the court that she had not solemnized the marriage.

Further, she had said the nikahnama produced by Rehman was a forgery and there was no record of it in the union council concerned.

Meera marriage with atiq ur rehman Meera nikkah with atiq ur rehman

                                                        Meera with Atiq Ur Rehman 1st Husband

Arrest warrants were also issued for Meera in 2015 on an application filed by Rehman.

Rehman had earlier claimed that he and Meera tied the knot on September 2, 2007.

Earlier this month, the actor announced that she is leaving the country for good and moving to the United States permanently.