Motorcycle Girl Review

5 Things to Know About MotorCycle Girl Movie Review check it out!

Motorcycle girl story about Pakistan 21 years young girl Zenith Irfan from Lahore, Motorcycle girl review as we see the movie premiere in Karachi at neuplex cinema, after watching movie Motorcycle girl premiere show lets share the story of film motorcycle girl She travels Lahore to Khanjarab Bypass on her bike achieve her father dream and breaking the taboo of Women underestimates.

Sohai Ali Abro has done great job acts like Zenith and Good natural scenes and journey of zenith irfan will remind you beautiful Pakistan! Thank you film director, Adnan Sarwar.

Let’s share those 5 things about motorcycle girl reviews we are sharing with you guys.

1- A Real Biopic Story

Motrocycle girl story

Motorcycle girl movie is a real story which was biopic of Zenith Irfan, 21 years old girl from Lahore. She is well qualified with skills but her father last wish and dream make her motorcycle girl. She travels Lahore to Khanjarab Bypass China Border on her bike (MotorCycle), Alone journey which its self a very difficult to travel alone without any other support in the remote area of Pakistan.

2- Motivation makes you Winner

Motrocycle girl story

MotorCycle girl movie biopic of Zenith Irfan. She had the motive to achieve her goal to travel by her bike  Lahore to khanjrab bypass. Her motivation level helps her to achieve her goal, Without any motive or direction, there is no destination.

3- Beauty of Pakistan

Motrocycle Girl Review

MotorCycle girl movie was shot in Lahore and Nothran area of Pakistan, On the way of Balakot, Naran and Kagan and other than Babusar Pass. You will see nice drone shots and landscapes and portraits scene in this movie you will love to see the weather climate of the northern area the real natural beauty of Pakistan. She travels Lahore to khanjrab bypass and seen different areas people and languages she shares every one help me its the beauty of beautiful Pakistan. People have good education level and future thoughts.


4- Women Empowerment

Motrocycle Girl Review

Motorcycle girl has women empowerment role, The story about zenith Irfan, She gets was the character in the movie to achieve her father dream she had to lost her job and relationship. She works in the office to manage her higher study and performing creative work. She shared in her journey that women in the northern area serving in Pakistan Airforce, Olaympain Champions and Famous doctors that’s the power of women empowerment.

5- Values and Norms in Society

Motrocycle girl story

Motorcycle girl focus on values and Norms in our society. Zenith family supports her motivation and help her to win from negative vibes Zenith family helps her in her decisions and make her do which she knows best. Learning bike felt awkward in our society but zenith had to learn it to beak the thoughts of low mind people. Zenith has to face this sentence. Larki ho kar bike chalaye ge. Ghar batho Shadi karo or Aram karo….  but her family support she make her dream true.

Those are really great things which you will see in Motorcycle girl Movie, M