Cake Pakistani Movie Premier

5 Reasons You Should Watch The Cake Pakistani Movie 2018

The Cake Pakistani Movie 2018 is released in worldwide on 30th March 2018.Cake Pakistani Movie Premier was held in Karachi on 29th March 2018, Cake Producer and Writer Asim Abbasi have done a great project on watching Cake Premier Pakistani Movie I found this movie very interesting and emotional. Cake Pakistan Movie Starring Amina Shaikh, Sanam Saeed and Malik Adnan rest of other people paled well character in to film.Cake Movie has Sindhi Kalam Songs and Shows some new in Pakistani movies genre.

Cake Pakistani Movie Review

Cake Pakistani Movie Reviews got mix replies but the cake has difference genre movie and that will make you see Culture of Pakistani People especially Cake has shown Pakistani people family system and Fight for Siblings and Care about family system.

I would like to share 5 Reasons Why you should watch Cake Pakistani Movie.


1- Love, Understanding and Fight into Siblings

Cake Movie Siblings Fight

Cake Movie has shown the great example of Brothers and Sisters Love care and Understanding. A family system which is a good sight for movie content and you will love the way how we have a strong understanding into Siblings. how they fight for each other and reason of behind that fight is just about care and happiness to protect others from a hard time.

2- Parantal Family Jokes and Understanding

cake movie family fun

Cake Pakistani Movie has a story of Parental love, How Pakistani family system, especially parental love.  In the Movie shows how married couple spends their life with a Life partner to express love in form of hate but that true. Behind many misunderstanding, there is true love in Parental Story of Cake. Amina Shaikh and Sanam Saeed both sister fights with each other make you feel into our sibling’s sights.

3- Beauty of Pakistani  Desi Culture and Socity

Cake Movie Desi Life

No doubt beauty of Pakistan is also showing in our Culture and Tradition. Cake Pakistani Movie has express read beauty of Pakistani culture, Cake was shooted in the Various area of Karachi city Defence Clifton, A city of lights but the movie main character the parents of Amina Shaikh and Sanam Saeed belongs to Interior area of Sindh that Area supposed to be Rural Area of Pakistan  A real desi family story who loves traditional and Desi Culture Their source of income from their Property like Feilds, Cultivation of Suger Cane and Other cultivation of foodstuff having large house people who giving respect to them being landlord.

4- Pakistani People Family System

Cake movie family system

Cake Pakistani movie reflects the good image of Pakistani Family system where every family member has important role brother and sister and parents decisions. That Traditional aspects cake will make fee you proud how Pakistani family system is best as we never expect to be.

5- Sindhi Songs Lovers

Cake Movie Sindhi Songs

Cake Pakistani movie has good folk songs that have meaningful thoughts.People who live in Sindh they have their own language Called Sindhi, Its regional language which people usually spoke in Sindh Province of Pakistan.  Sindhi folk songs use to like in Intier Sindh, Cake Movie songs are like Sufi Kalam’s which has spiritual songs and have meaningful Lyrics.  People who love Sindhi Songs must enjoy this from the Movie Cake.


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